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2021 is fast approaching, and with it comes Apple’s new user privacy regulations for iOS 14. The update will dramatically change how advertisers target users on iOS, requiring brands to request user consent to track their users’ data via a pop-up message within the app. The question now is how advertisers can start getting ready and make sure they’re one step ahead once the new operating system launches. 

In the run-up to the changes, securing user consent should be your top priority. After all, if users opt-in, brands will be able to return to near-normal pre iOS 14 activity – and it will become a real competitive advantage to have high consent rates. 

To help you get ahead, Adjust’s latest guide will show you best practices for increasing opt-in rates, and the steps you need to take to build and test successful pre-permission prompts. 

Encouragingly, research suggests that many consumers are more comfortable with personalized advertising than initially thought. One study performed by Oxford Economics in 2018 suggests that around 70% of consumers are open to opting-in for a tailored ad experience. To secure user opt-in, we highly recommend marketers use what we call a ‘pre-permission prompt’, gating the Apple pop-up behind their own internal prompt. That internal prompt is entirely yours, so you can customize the design, timing, and messaging to best fit your app – and ultimately show users the value of opting-in. 

Taking a clear and transparent approach to the changes will also help build your app users’ trust. In a study conducted by Salesforce, over 8,000 consumers were asked what brand trust meant to them. 75% responded with “privacy”, and 70% with “transparency” – showing the extent to which trust is interlinked with privacy and the clarity with which privacy

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policies are communicated. This is another important message to convey in your opt-in prompts – but in order to know what approach works best for your app users’, it’s essential to increase your understanding of their behavior and test while you still can. 

Adjust has been busy researching successful pre-permission prompts, and our latest guide is a culmination of our research. Throughout the report, you’ll learn how to find the best UX approach to secure user opt-in, how to run A/B tests for your prompts, and how to predict opt-in rates through predictive modeling. 

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