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During the past few years term “growth marketing” started circulating among the professionals and within company settings. While the work of these specialists may seem somewhat mysterious, they’re a crucial part of any fast-growing business. That’s why in this blog post, we talked with Asta Laurinaitytė, Growth Marketing Team Lead for one of the products here at Tesonet, to shed some light on the position and how her team works to reach their goals. 

Growth marketing is often referred to as marketing 2.0. Could you explain how your work differs from that of the ordinary marketing specialist? 

Sure! We mostly focus on growth acceleration: launching quick experiments of new channels or ideas and finding non-standard methods to support every channel. The goal is to find innovative ways to drive user acquisition, keep customers engaged, and turn them into brand champions. Many companies are hiring growth teams and implementing growth strategies. Due to that, the conversation about growth marketing is surging in general, so you can call it marketing 2.0.

Do you work together with the regular marketing team, and if so, how does this collaboration work exactly?

Indeed, we do work very closely with other marketing teams/departments. Because of these collaborations, we can achieve better results and see the impact quicker with more precision. Teamwork is essential, and it always goes to show that as a collaborative team, we can achieve much more than any single team could achieve on its own.

How do you identify the “pain” areas in current marketing strategies?

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Well, our team analyzes them with a fresh look and tries to identify new growth possibilities. However, that’s not as easy as it sounds. You have to detach and set yourself in the role of an unbiased professional. After that, we follow with brainstorming how we could boost those results. Later, we prioritize the ideas, test them out, and implement if they prove effective. The final steps are analyzing and systemizing the results. Every decision in our team is heavily data-based, so even the most ground-breaking ideas need to be followed up with extensive research to back them up.

Could you give some examples of out-of-the-box problem-solving?

For the most part, our job is focused on creative thinking. This is a crucial skill to possess as we’re always looking at how to increase our sales in innovative ways. Data and impact are essential for us since it shows whether we’re moving in the right direction. That’s why finding ways to track particular sales metrics via every channel and platform we come across is a constant head-scratcher. So in our work, data and unconventional ways of thinking go hand-in-hand. First, we analyze new channels or media, and then we’re trying to come up with new ways to market our products there. For example, if we find a beneficial forum, why not contact it to get a pinned post there? If we need more content about a particular topic, why not create a space where copywriters can upload their content about the said topic and so on. It’s the best of both worlds where analytical and creative are just inseparable. 

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What is the recipe for crafting a successful growth marketing strategy? 

Being curious, creative, and measuring everything! Out-of-the-box thinking is necessary here. We don’t presume that a particular channel doesn’t work immediately. What we do is think of it this way: what if we changed our approach and tested it differently!? Patience, creativity, and tracking are the key ingredients. 

What qualities are essential to be a successful growth marketer?

A successful growth marketer should have a get-it-done mentality, a strong sense of ownership, and be extremely data-driven. Always be sure to crunch on those numbers before and after making a decision. However, the most fundamental thing is to be always curious and willing to learn new things as the digital world changes constantly! 

In your opinion, does growth marketing in tech differ from any other industry practices? 

It does. While we can implement many growth marketing ideas to boost any other products’ results, working online with digital products opens more options. Also, it’s easier to track our results and impact to make more precise calculations and conclusions. The Internet is vast, and it’s up to us to explore digital marketing to its fullest. 

Growth marketer’s day – how does it look?

First thing’s first – check the metrics. Is the sales pace similar to the day before? Is it similar to last week’s? Analyze whether there are changes and the reasons for it. The second thing is to take a look at what’s happening in the world in general. There may be a new law, research, or trend that we can use to benefit our products. Think big and think smart. If there’s something new, consider ways to implement them in our strategy and where. 

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In our team, we have weekly team meetings sharing our insights. There are also occasional brainstorm sessions to come up with more ideas and options. And don’t forget to keep it fun, e.g., we share memes that sometimes turn into a new marketing angle and celebrate our achievements like everyone in Tesonet. Most importantly – enjoy the process. This marketing area may be new, but it’s fascinating and fulfilling once you get into the swing of things.

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