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Our childhood is a
happy holiday, and we all knew bedtime stories are fantastic things when we use
to listen from our Grand Parents; these stories have driven us to know
mythology, our culture, morality and many more. We use to Mesmerize and fall in
love with these stories. In the same way, every business and each brand has a
story all these stories driven by Consumer Stories; and these consumers are
their experiences after using those products and services. These stories are
crucial to make a business decision, and they will act as the source to enhance
the digital marketing techniques in the business.

When brands are
rebranding their products and services, they will make sure to use these
consumer stories as part of their digital marketing Method. We all knew that
when Maggie India, Nestle products got massive negative publicity due to the
side effects of Maggie and the ingredients are harmful. At that time, Maggie
came back with the consumer testimonials by showcasing consumers are welcoming
Maggie back to their lives.

Consumer Stories
Aligned With The Digital Marketing Strategy

storytelling will increase by about 32% of increment in sales! Yes! These
statistics are accurate, based on the study conducted by MIT. Suppose consumers
love the food at a famous 7-star hotel. In that case, there is an option for
them to post it on their social media platform by saying “hey I love my
food in this famous 7-star hotel”. If this post is the experience, then
that hotel can use this as their customer experience on their website, a social
media story about navigating the same with their other customers.

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These stories are part of digital marketing strategy as they can improve brand awareness; achieve a wider reach, real brand loyalty on the social media pages.

Hold The Advantages Of
Consumer Stories

Track Down Where Are
Your Customers

Businesses should make
use of consumer stories; much first business should need to know where their
customers’ existing at present. For example, if the consumer stories are going
on in the social media platform like Instagram, then the business is trying to
pick up those stories on Twitter means its waste of time. That is why knowing
the platform is must and should to navigate digital marketing strategies.
Tracking down the real need is what makes business sustain in the real world.

Learn From Consumer
Suggestions & Construct Strategies

The significant part
of consumer stories is that we can learn our mistake as well as the best things
with their review system. Most people share their experience on the right terms
with testimonials like videos; if they want to share anything negative, then
they will go by rating stars. Business brands should need to mind all these
things to make the best use of their suggestions and construct beautiful
digital marketing strategy to develop business by adapting consumer needs as a

Best Use of Video

When customers are explaining their views and experiences regarding a brand or product will make a sense in the consumer’s mind. Primarily a video testimonial will drive many B2B and software as a service (SaaS) companies. Consumers become the brand ambassador for the brand, and it will directly impact the sales of the company with the help of consumer stories. 

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Marketing teams are
working hard in generating catchy and engaging contents to build brand loyalty
and brand equity in the business world. But consumer stories are more
attractive than any marketer in the present. Why because these stories will
directly hit the consumer to consumer, and they will become the brand
ambassador for our products and services. To get who are posting our brand
stories on the internet or social media platforms. The marketing team can help
them by giving a hashtag, with the help of hashtag businesses can directly get
who are posting stories about their brands, and companies can now post those
things in their websites.

How Brands Boosting
Consumer Story Telling

Maggie India product
packaging will come up with a line by saying what is your 2 minutes Maggie
story? Please write your exciting story, and we are happy to publish that on
our advertisement. This strategy will build brands to identify the needs as
well as the interest in their products towards consumers. That will impact
consumers to tell more about brands, and it will promote and create awareness
in the public free of cost.

Summing Up the Story:

An emotional journey
of a customer will impact the view on a specific product or service in the
society that will act as the medium to create awareness as well as promote
other customers to believe in a particular product or service. Businesses must
and should adapt the consumer storytelling activity as their digital marketing

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