I launched my first Saas and made $73k in a week (Here’s the story and numbers)

Here’s my story about my Saas launch including all the numbers.

I launched a Saas company in the finance and stock market niche that is basically like Yahoo finance but simple and easy to use selling to prosumers. I already had a following on Instagram of 190k so this helped, but I brought on 800 news users in the first week which resulted in $74k in revenue.

Numbers (11/19 – 11/28):
Revenue – $74k total with $20k MRR and $300k ARR
Expenses – $7k (bc I brought on a developer to help during launch week which makes the expenses inflated by $4k)
Number of Users – 812
Breakdown by Plan – 22.5% yearly (costs $297), 77.5% monthly (costs $27)
Onboarding email open rate – 58%
Sent Summary – 750 bonjoros, 300 help desk requests, 50k emails (broadcasts)
Landing Page – 5k unique page views, 2k unique registration page views, 800 signups
Ads – $200 total spend, 3k people reached, 289 link clicks
MixPanel – Core featured used 41k times or 51 times per user which is awesome to me!

My Launch Plan:
I built an internal tool for a company I had that serviced clients in the finance and stock market niche. I created this tool to save me time since I realized I was doing the same thing over and over again. I used this software for about a month before I was screen sharing and some clients saw it and wanted it. When they said that, I realized that this could be an amazing stand alone product for stock market research given I add a lot more features but the core concept my current clients already liked. I made a quick screen recording of the internal tool (that was depressing to look at now honestly) and made a landing page that said pay me $67 to get access and beta test the software if it comes. I sold $3k worth of presales and started! Since I had an Instagram following already, I documented every step and new change as the software was being created! This helped me test what users needed, the best hooks and build a community who really wanted this software. My launch plan continued to focus around documenting every step and building a waitlist that was just a demo video and enter your email (which I was able to grow to 2500 emails). My launch plan was pretty simple: launch early to the people on the email list to test the software for major bugs, launch to the public later since I’ll have testimonials from the first group then close cart and increase price. My plan was to close the cart in order to increase signs up and to force myself to focus on retention instead of worrying about acquisition. I also decided to increase price because MicroConf keeps saying to charge more and people kept saying this should cost more lol I also decided to not offer a free trial because I didn’t have the time to deal with that.

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What Happened:
I found the key pain points from the conversations I had with people and testing I did while I was documenting and promoting the product as I was building it. Those pain points and user conversations was crucial to the way I structured my sales page, emails, etc. I launched to the email list on November 20th and made $22k in the first day. The first 3 days were stressful because of an AWS outage, having to increase Heroku and Database size because I didn’t expect that many users initially and more but by the time we launched to the public all major bugs had been addressed and fixed! On November 25th, we launched to the public and it went well with sales consistently coming in but I was and am posting stories every 2 hours to Instagram. I haven’t finished launching yet, the deadline ends on November 30th at midnight using Deadline funnel so that I don’t have to monitor the close date myself. Anyways, I answered over 500 emails, 300 help desk questions, 700 bonjoros and more during this whole launch week because it was important to me that I was able to hear the feedback from people that’s why I hired temporary developer for the week instead of a help desk person. Basically, I finally got up on everything and have learned so much from personally answering all requests.

Where I’m Going:
I closed the software to increase sales and stop me from focusing on acquisition. I am going to take a month off before reopening it to the public again in order to focus on a single question: If these are the only users I will ever get, how do I ensure they never leave? This month is purely to work on the software, improve user interface and needed functionality, talk to customers and focus on churn reduction.

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If you have any specific questions you want answered, just ask below! Here is the landing page https://demo.theimpeccableinvestor.com/software-vsl

Thank you Rob Walling from MicroConf and everyone who has MicroConf videos on YouTube because I watched those religiously as I was building this Saas and honestly would not have achieved the success I did without those videos.

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