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Influencer marketing is used by a growing business to position and develop their brand. For this reason, as companies try to innovate their marketing strategies by exploring different options, there is no doubt that one of the most commonly used actions to reach users is the collaboration of influencers and bloggers. As many users get tired of the same old ads, brands are turning to these options to attract new customers.

Basically, influencer marketing strategies revolve around social networks. Nowadays, it is very surprising that at least no organization is present on any platform. Brands know that most of their customers are interested in social networks. As a result, they want to benefit from collaborating with these professionals. Next, we will take a closer look at what this marketing profession is. 

Influence Marketing: What Is An Influencer?

Basically, influencers are people who have a great presence and influence on social networks. They have certain credibility in a particular subject. Reliability is when companies consider influencer marketing the most. This is why a positive evaluation of products or services influences consumer decisions when buying.
Companies thank influencers for raising more brand budgets for influencer marketing due to higher engagement. But, not all these are compatible with our business, so there are a few things to consider.

“One of the most important factors and option in the marketing world is taking care of influencer marketing “

– On the one hand, you need to see the ability to create conversations with users around specific topics. Also, you need to analyze the interaction rate with your followers.

– On the other hand, you need to see potential followers of influencers. Undoubtedly, brands take quality very seriously.

After you have chosen the influencers you want to work with, the first thing to do is contact them. To begin with, it must be clear that you cannot contact them in any way, but you have to make them feel special. To do this, we must explain to them how our brand can benefit them and, also, what they can contribute to it. Without a doubt, the aim is to show them a transparent image of the company so that they feel comfortable and can be themselves. 

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Influence Marketing: Types Of Influencers

Basically, there are two main groups in which influencers are classified: macro and micro.

Typically, there are more than 1 million following macro-influencers. Before, the only person among the celebrities who could reach a huge audience; But with the rise of social networks, the situation has changed. On the one hand, macro-influencers have more control and confidence over influencer marketing campaigns. Also, they have a great presence and a wide audience.

After all, they are usually more professional, so their commitment to the brand is even greater. Despite all these advantages, it also has the disadvantage of working with macro-influencers, such as high paid rents. On the other hand, influencers do not always promote the products they try, so there are followers who doubt the veracity of their claims.

“There are more marketing campaigns related to the control and uniqueness of macro-influencers”

Unlike macro-influencers, micro-influencers have less than 100,000 followers. Lately, there has been a growing interest in marketing towards micro-influencers. Although this community has far fewer followers, engagement with users is much higher. On the advantages of hiring a small company, the cost is much lower, so it allows you to work with several people at once. Moreover, it makes it possible to reach new audiences and market niches. So the main disadvantage is that they have low visibility and scope as the conversion rate is a high rate problem. 

How To Use Influencers In Influence Marketing Strategies?

Undoubtedly, influencers play a very important role in influencer and digital marketing strategies. The rise of social networks and blogs has led to changes in advertising and digital marketing. Because of this, it is becoming increasingly common for companies to add voice to their products on their Instagram, YouTubers, or bloggers. The main motivation for collaborating with an influencer is that it will lead to greater visibility and reach the brand. Also, it will help to optimize it and increase your reputation.

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Factors influencing consumers

Although there are many factors that affect all customers, it is not enough to know them. You need to know how to control them to understand them and convert them into advantages. Customers want to have one or the other depending on the company that chooses all the products at their fingertips. So that they are compelled to study the buying habits of their customers.

According to various studies, four essential factors that directly affect customer behavior have been identified. They are cultural, social, personal, and sensitive aspects.

Cultural aspects that influence the consumer

According to the authors, cultural aspects have the greatest impact on the consumer. Thus, purchasing behavior is not like in Europe or Asia. Among the cultural aspects, experts have created three subcategories: culture, subculture, and social class.

Culture is understood as the customs of a community. It establishes a series of basic behaviors and values ​​that are common to all individuals. Typically, it is passed down from generation to generation. Companies adopt this culture to create the right context for the brand.

The former refers to a small social group. For example, there is a European culture and a Spanish subculture. It refers to a group that belongs to a larger group. In this sense, the Mediterranean countries have different subcultures than Nordic countries.

Social class is a very small subdivision that refers to the consumer’s education, political power, their profession, their knowledge … Generally people of the same social class have the same taste. Price is a distinct element within the social class.

Consumer social aspects

Social aspects have a direct impact on the individual. While it is true that cultural aspects are more focused on the environment, social aspects are more focused on the individual. Among the social aspects, we find three groups: reference group, family, and role or status. Focus on dealing directly with the first two customers (which is why we recommend it to a friend). But, there is a role and status relationship with how society will view you and how it wants to show you as an individual. In this sense, your shopping habits are directly related to the figure above.

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Consumer personal factors

Among the personal factors that affect the customer, we find aspects like age, occupation, financial ability, lifestyle, personality. All these aspects make it possible to create many more divided product strategies.

Consumer psychological factors

Inspiration, beliefs, attitudes, motivations are characteristics of each consumer’s personality and thus play a very important role in their position. You may have two friends who have the same personal, social, and cultural reasons but behave completely differently when it comes to usage. This is mainly due to psychological reasons. As we saw earlier the two people are not the same and so there are many reasons why they are common and still, they can be very different consumers.

What companies have to do is learn to manage the motivations of all consumers and try to make the product visible and attractive. 

If you want to implement influencer marketing strategies for your business, do not hesitate to contact us. We at Jocial have a team of experts in managing and developing a digital strategy, so we will assist you in an effective and personalized way.

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