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The workforce continues to grow with the incoming generation of millennials, who are projected to be the largest generation by 2028. Businesses capitalizing on the opportunity of this demographic are already seeing positive innovations internally and externally. To seize this opportunity, a fundamental understanding of how millennials can positively affect the changing workplace is vital to attracting these game changers to your own organization.

As you know, the current generation of millennials are digital natives who have a more inherent understanding of changing technology. These young adults grew up in the digital age. That adaptability factor is one of the biggest benefits that this age group brings to the table. It makes them more likely to innovate with alacrity in order to meet the constantly changing needs of consumers.


Firstly, companies should understand the top priorities of working millennials available in this demographic. According to research, top priorities for millennials include financial stability and independence, work-life balance, transparent leadership and paths to success. Just as important is the ability to make a positive global impact through their work.

These shared priorities have already begun making an impact in countless industries evident by shifting standard business workflows, processes, and corporate structures. Businesses that step up and remain open-minded to digital natives’ ideas will progress with the trends of the industry. Millennials have the ability to navigate the unchartered territory of future marketing techniques. They adapt to the current lay of the land skillfully and with innovative ideas on how to progress even further.

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Take their experience into consideration and utilize their unique talents for tackling constant change. With this, companies can provide their audiences with the right content in the right channels. Young team members ensure your company has a finger on the pulse of current trends. 

What’s crucial to successfully reach these future workers as businesses, as well as organizations & universities, is to jump on the huge opportunity that is new digital mediums and platforms. Communicate with millennials where they’re actually looking. Appeal to their priorities so you can translate their interest to a successful, new workforce in the long run.


Mobile capability is a necessity for all companies in this day and age, so don’t miss out on any aspect of the power of handheld mobile devices. Having an engaging profile on job search apps is key to reaching this demographic as almost 75% of Millennial click through on Indeed alone comes from mobile. When applied to universities looking for students, applicants said they were 70% more likely to attend a university if they had a functional and clean app to learn about the college.

Furthermore, businesses and universities looking for millennials to recruit, a contact within the company can be a game changer. Having text messaging services, instant chat and a recruitment hotline as options means fewer roadblocks for answers.

This could be something carried out on a popular platform like Snapchat. For isnstance, ‘A Day in the Life’ of someone in your company or school. Showing prospects what a real day is like adds a personal view on your culture on an accessible platform.

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Digital marketing and millennial targeted messages are the new methods of finding prospects. Unfortunately, radio, mailers, and recruitment events simply don’t have the same impact as before because you’re not speaking to the right platform. Especially important is the ability to create fun, engaging digital campaigns around what’s uniquely beneficial about your organization. This is an important part of reaching digital natives on their preferred platforms.

Finally, sharing a digital campaign on Twitter, Snapchat & Instagram, for example – featuring top clients or successful projects with the question posed to millennials on how they have the opportunity to affect major change. Companies should appeal to their desire for change. Capitalizing on their new perspectives within your industry will make prospects want to take on a challenge.

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